How to access or display the AIR-TAG dashboard via a LAN connection

How to access or display the AIR-TAG dashboard via a LAN connection

The AIR-TAG displays or visualizes it's data via a dashboard. When the monitoring solution is connected to the cloud, (via an Airmatics gateway) the dashboard can be accessed by logging into the Aircloud platform ( and navigating to the corresponding device.
When your monitoring solution is not connected to the cloud, you have the possibility to display the dashboard of your -TAGS via a connection to the local LAN network of the facility.  In this case, your PC is connected to the office LAN, and at the same time the -TAG is also connected to the same LAN network.
The local dashboard feature was implemented in firmware version, of which the production date started on 31/08/2021. In other words, if you have a device that was produced before this date, it does not support the local dashboard feature yet. 
1. Gathering the information
  1. The -TAG device type (part number), and the -TAG ID are required to establish the connection.
  2. The -TAG production date is required to verify if it supports the local dashboard feature or not.
  3. Locate the sticker / label, attached to the -TAG.
  4. Make note of the device type (part number)
  5. Make note of the device ID.
  6. Make note of the production date.
    1. If the device was produced before 31/08/2021, it requires a software update to enable the 'local dashboard feature'

2.  Network & Internet settings.
  1. Navigate to your PC's (ethernet) connection settings.
  2. Locate the connection that is connected to the -Tag.
    1. When unsure, connect & disconnect the LAN connection to the -TAG. While looking at your connections. The connection status will change accordingly. The connection that is influenced by those changes, is the one you need to configure.
  3. Set the 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties of the relevant connection to 'Obtain automatically'

3. Navigating to the local offline dashboard
  1. Open your webbrowser. Preferable google Chrome.
  2. Insert the correct text in the address navigation bar.
    1. Type in the address of the device's local offline dashboard as described here below
      1. http://devicetype-deviceid.local:50080
      2. In the above example, this results in: http://Y18TICS78-74402085.local:50080
  3. The devices local offline dashboard should now be displayed.
1. The connection does not establish. 'This site can not be reached'

  1. Verify that there is a valid connection between the -TAG and the local LAN network.
    1. Check the validity of the hardware cable. If unsure, try out a second cable that is verified to be working correctly.
    2. Take a look at the diagnostic LED's on the RJ45 connector, both on the -TAG, and on the port of the local LAN.

      1. When a valid connection is established:
        1. The green LED is solid.
        2. The amber LED is flashing.
      2. Invalid connections:
        1. When both LED's are off, the RJ45 connector is broken, in this case, purchase a new device.
        2. The green LED is solid, the amber LED is off. In this case, the RJ45 connector is valid, but there is no communication on the network. 
  2. Verify that there is a valid connection between your PC and the local LAN network.
  3. Verify the network connection adapter settings.
  4. Verify that the text, inserted into the webbrowser address bar is correct.
  5. Power cycle (or reboot) the -TAG.
  6. If active, disable your PC's WIFI connection.
  7. Refresh your browser.
The local (office) LAN network requires a DHCP server to be able to access the -TAG local offline dashboard.
A connection can only be established when both the -TAG and PC are connected to the local LAN network. Making a direct connection to the -TAG without the -TAG being connected to the local LAN network, will not work.